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Travel Nurse Gateway - Travel Nurse Jobs

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Here are a few more facts about us:

Submit your application.   Submit your application.

Travel Nurse Gateway is your "in" to the top travel nursing companies!

Unlike other travel nurse "job sites", we don't work with just one travel Nurse Company - we work with almost all of them, including all the top names. We give you direct access to travel nurse companies that are looking to hire! Companies that are offering great pay and benefits.

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One simple application does it all. You fill it out, and you're in front of the best travel nurse companies. Plus, you can do all of your research here as well - we have links to all of our travel nurse partners, so you can choose which ones you'd like to apply to (yes, you can just choose select ones, or apply to them all at once, if you wish.)

Travel Nurse Gateway Is Free!

That's right - free. Just fill out the application, submit it, and wait for the phone to ring.

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You fill out the application, the companies you sent it to review it, and traveling nurse recruiters get in touch with you. It's really that simple. You may even find several companies competing for your services.

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Travel nurse jobs are all we do. We recognize how special your talents are, and how in-demand nursing is. So we treat you like a VIP - just like you deserve. Travel Nurse Gateway is THE top choice in travel nursing jobs.